How to Invest in Trust Deeds
How to Invest in Trust Deeds
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here is just SOME of the insider investing tips you’ll find inside:

  • Why Trust Deed Investing is safer than the stock market. (Page 5)
  • The big reason why Trust deed investors agree it’s the best way to invest for retirement. (Page 6)
  • How to get 15 times more retirement money than you would with an IRA. (Pages 7-8)
  • 3 things you should ask to know about a borrower before you invest. (Pages 14-15)
  • Why people use trust deeds to begin with. (Pages 16-17)
  • 3 vital parties involved in every trust deed. (Page 17)
  • 2 major differences between trust deeds and mortgages. (Pages 18-19)
  • 7 reasons why investing in trust deeds is smarter than risking it in the stock market. (Pages 19-21)
  • 9 reasons why trust deeds are in demand. (Pages 23-25)
  • 6 rules of Real Estate Law you need to know before you invest. (Pages 26-27)
  • What TILA stands for and what it means to you. (Pages 27-28)
  • Possibly the single most important element to secure investing in trust deeds (and how to make sure it’s done right). (Pages 29-30)
  • 9 areas to judge a borrower before you sign on. (Pages 31-32)
  • 2 insurance policies that will ensure you’re making a safe investment. (Pages 33-38)
  • How to free yourself of the burden of collecting payments. (Or how to find a third party that’ll do the dirty work for you.) (Pages 39-40)
  • 7 things a loan servicing company can do for you to make Trust deed investing as effortless as possible. (Pages 41-43)
  • The ins and outs of 8 loan notes your Trade deed may need to use (and how to handle each of them). (Pages 47-50)
  • What to do if you lose a loan note (a copy of the original won’t do it). (Pages 50-51)
  • All you need to know about construction loans. (Pages 51-54)
  • Insider tricks for using an escrow company to protect your money. (Pages 55-57)
  • 8 things to know before you start working with your escrow company. (Pages 58-61)
  • 2 ways to follow through with foreclosure and get back your investment. (Pages 64-65)
  • 2 documents you’ll need before you foreclose. (Pages 67-68)
  • How to quickly handle a borrower’s bankruptcy. (Page 69)
  • 7 beginning tips for succeeding with Trust deed investing. (Pages 71-73)
  • 8 frequently asked questions for the beginning investor. (Pages 75-78)
  • The 7 most important steps to winning with Trust deed investing. (Pages 80-81)
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